Julio Foolio’s Instagram stories from yesterday show he was practically giving everyone his address & his party got shutdown because police showed up so they went to a different location

Jacksonville rapper Julio Foolio has filed a lawsuit against a hospital, claiming a nurse allegedly revealed his location following an October shooting.

The 25-year-old artist suffered a severe wound and multiple broken bones in his left foot after being ambushed by assailants upon leaving a gas station near the Paxon School for Advanced Studies. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office told First Coast News, “It appears that the suspect or suspects were waiting for the victim and ambushed him.”

In a recent interview on the “No Jumper” podcast, Foolio disclosed that his stay at UF Health Jacksonville, where he underwent surgery, was abruptly cut short when a nurse exposed his whereabouts. “I got a lawsuit with the hospital right now,” he said. “She got fired and all about that… I just got a letter about that s**t from the hospital, like, I’m saying, lawsuit.”

A breach of patient privacy, intentional or not, violates HIPAA rules, which can lead to termination, loss of nursing licenses, criminal penalties, fines, and imprisonment.

“I don’t know if she did it intentionally or on some funny st or what she was on. But I know it wasn’t the right intentions… I’m going through a lot of st; you weren’t supposed to post that. You know who I am and what I got going on,” said the “List of Dead Opps” artist.

Foolio realized his safety at the medical facility had been compromised when several people warned him to leave. “I ain’t never go back,” he added. He declared that his hometown is the most dangerous for drill artists in Florida.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Foolio was also targeted in a 2021 shooting. He claimed that 100 shots were fired at him as he left a recording studio in November of that year, resulting in a minor injury when a bullet grazed his leg. He was also shot at in Texas in July 2020.