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In the inaugural round of the 60-meter hurdles, it was time for Samuele Ceccarelli to make his debut, and it became evident right away: his unbeaten streak that lasted the entire winter has come to an end. There was much anticipation surrounding the current European distance champion, placed in the first heat alongside two formidable, though not unbeatable, athletes. From his initial movements, it was apparent that he hadn’t yet reached his peak performance. Midway through the race, still with some refinement needed in his form, he found himself flanked on both sides by Aleksandr Askovic and Henrik Larsson, who ultimately bested him: 6.67 for his opponents, 6.69 for him, with Aleksa Kijanovic trailing at fourth place with 6.77. It seems the Italian may be lacking a bit of race experience.

In the second heat, Joshua Hartmann impressed with a time of 6.58! Ojie Edoburun followed closely with 6.62, and then Belgian Kobe Vleminckx with 6.63. Consequently, the Italian team will advance to the final with the sixth-best time.

In the men’s 60-meter hurdles final, Yaqoub Al-Yoha from Kuwait clinched victory with an excellent time of 7.58, followed by the Dutchman Job Geerds (who had previously participated in the High Speed League in Sestriere two seasons ago) with 7.63, and the German Manuel Mordi with 7.70. Surprisingly, the Finnish athlete Elmo Lakka secured only fourth place.