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Jesús Torres, our founder, is a young entrepreneur who runs several websites from his office. He is an SEO Consultant, recognized as a Professional Pro Blogger and a passionate web developer. He founded UYKILF in January 2016, where he runs and creates websites.

Earlier the same year, he launched, a site dedicated to teaching free Android, Windows, and iOS tricks to bloggers around the world. Jesús began his career as a blogger in February 2014, facing initial challenges like everyone else.

💡 Purpose of Our Websites’s main purpose is to provide Android tips and high-quality apps, spread Windows tricks and other current knowledge, as well as offer practical SEO tips and online methods to make money.

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When you seek to innovate in life and people tell you that you can’t do it, proving that it is possible carries with it a valuable lesson. How did you do it? The answer is simple: I never let my hopes fall.

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