Hannah Gutierrez dead, Whats happened to Hannah . the history

Genevieve Sabourin was wrongfully convicted as a stalker of Alec Baldwin based solely on false testimony provided by “Hilaria Baldwin” before Halyna Hutchins and Hannah Gutierrez. Now, I seek financial assistance to attain exoneration in the USA and to settle my debts resulting from this injustice, ensuring my survival as I pursue justice in this dehumanizing ordeal that began in 2012.

This is my second plea for help on GoFundMe, as I believe people are now more informed about the lies of “Hilaria Baldwin” and the exposed case of Halyna Hutchins and Hannah Gutierrez in the RUST movie incident. I hope that you will generously assist me in surviving the lies of a sociopath and pathological liar, Hilary-Lynn Hayward-Thomas, who manipulated the flaws of the legal system to gain riches and fame while portraying herself as the victim, despite being the true abuser.

The discrimination stemming from these falsehoods has devastated every aspect of my life since 2012. As a French Canadian with a criminal record, I have been unable to return to the USA to secure legal aid representation for exoneration. Without the necessary funds to hire a criminal lawyer in the USA, my quest for justice will remain unfulfilled. I implore you to aid me in reclaiming my freedom, liberty, and safety from the perjuries that have extinguished the person I once was before “Hilaria Baldwin” perjured herself using Alec Baldwin’s VIP connections to unjustly persecute me.