Marianita and Brandon take take twitter, this is the full video with Brandon

A video starring Marianita has generated a stir in the Twitter community, where numerous users claim that it contains material of an intimate nature with her partner, Brandon. The audiovisual material in question exists and is made up of a series of short clips with a total duration of 17 seconds.

In the first moments of the clip, various photographs of Marianita and Brandon are shown, previously shared on their social media profiles, where they appear hugging. Later, the couple is seen in an intimate moment, with Brandon recording the scene.

How did Marianita and Brandon’s video go viral?

This initially began to circulate on the Facebook platform and then expanded on TikTok, where many users expressed their surprise at the content, considering that Marianita and Brandon are known for their viral pranks and challenges.

Although some mention the existence of another video where the words “take, take, take” stand out, after an exhaustive search, said material is not found on any digital platform.

What have Marianita and Brandon said about the video?

As for Marianita and Brandon’s statements about the video, so far, they have not issued any statement in this regard. Although some followers suggest that it was possibly Brandon who leaked the video, it seems that the couple’s relationship remains stable.

However, they continue to share content on their social media, including videos and photos together, suggesting that their relationship remains strong despite the rumors. It is crucial to highlight that the dissemination of intimate content without consent constitutes a serious crime in many countries, with significant legal consequences. In several legal systems, it is considered a form of digital violence and can lead to fines and even prison sentences.